Website Maintenance and Hosting

Unsure what direction to go with your current website or thinking of having a new website built? There are lots of different factors to consider these days and EVOLVED are here to help. Websites are no longer static sites which you can leave, or at least they shouldn't be if you value your business. A website is your businesses shop-window to the world and should be treated as such, with regular updates news, blogs, social media integration etc. Our preferred website platform is WordPress which is open source and brings the cost of development down which we pass onto our customers. Here at EVOLVED we do not use WordPress Themes which can stop updating 2 or 3 years down the line, we use Theme Builders which install HTML templates never going out-of-date, robust websites using fast hosting and marketing tools helping your business grow!

3 requirements you need for a modern website.

Fast Website Hosting

Having fast hosting that can deliver your website in under 2 seconds is a must these days and anything that takes longer could be penalized by search engines like Google. Our website hosting uses ENGINX Servers which are the most secure and reliable in the world! Hack-free security with nightly backups and auto-healing technology ensures your website stays live 99.9%.


Ongoing Website Maintenance

Most people are too busy to maintain the website and keep Plugin's and software up to date, this is where we come in. For a low monthly fee included in the hosting EVOLVED will keep your website up to date making sure everything works and you never miss a lead or sale.


Search Engine Optimization Maintenance

If Google can't find you then how are your customers? EVOLVED include on-site SEO as standard this includes registering your business website with Google Analytics and Webmaster if needed. EVOLVED will also track your progress and watch your website climb up the Google rankings. If you need more off-site SEO, Google AdWords or Social Media marketing then we are happy to talk 🙂

Why use cloud base Hotel Booking Software

Why use cloud base Hotel Booking Software? What do hoteliers need to streamline their business? Its simple really, they need a Property Management System with built-in Channel Manager. Even today there are still plenty of hoteliers out there using old school methods of pen & paper or using a dated Property Management System installed of the reception PC! In 2015 a report was conducted by Software Advice and found 25% of accommodation owners were still using pen and paper, with a further 15% using no system at all. We have found in our experience that it usually come down to cost, so how much do you value your free-time? With Sirvoy hotel booking software you're able to run your business smarter and free-up valuable time to ether concentrate on a marketing strategy, customer service or have a coffee with friends.

Having used a variety of Hotel Booking Software in the UK and Asia, Iv found Sirvoy to be the most cost-affective, reliable and user-friendly. It's not the most advanced system so if you have 100 plus rooms it may-not be for your property, however with constant development seen over the years you could run a 100 room plus hotel with Sirvoy Hotel Booking Software.

Why go cloud based? If you are using a dated Property Management System in your PC what happens if the PC crashes or malware corrupts your data? Using Cloud based technology you can access your system remotely in any website browser on your Smartphone, Tablet or Laptop. You could even go for a leisurely walk or coffee with friends and still have access to your business and see all the latest information.

Sirvoy even give a no obligation FREE 14 DAY TRIAL so you can test the system and see how it can work for you. The support Sirvoy also offer is excellent, so any questions you may have they are happy to help.

Looking for a new website or faster website hosting for your property? We are happy to help and work closely with a number of hotels, guest houses and hostels developing websites that complement their business and marketing strategy.

Practical tips for selecting SEO and digital marketing services

When searching the internet for a digital marketing company that can provide an affordable marketing solution, that will drive more traffic to your website and see a good ROI is a tricky one!

EVOLVED websites come with the on-site SEO completed as standard. What does on-site SEO mean? well, this is simply complying with everything Google looks for when crawling websites. Optimised images, mata tags, meta descriptions, correct URL’s, images named correctly, keywords etc. Its a lot of work however done correctly at the start, saves time, money and gives your website a fighting chance when listed with Google.

Creating backlinks? their are a lot of companies and software out there that offer fast track SEO using bots to create links from various sources back to your website “Backlinks”, DON’T do this its called a “Black Hat” strategy and could cause your website loads of problems and will cost money to fix! Create Backlinks organically through various sources and social media platforms.

Marketing via Social Media and Google is time consuming, so if you haven’t the time or unsure on how to implement a marketing strategy, contact us we can help. EVOLVED websites are setup for marketing and social media integration as standard making your life just that little bit easier. EVOLVED hosting platform is also Super-Fast and secure which all helps with the Google rankings. EVOLVED also work closely with other agencies that can help run your campaigns, so no need for a in-house marketing manager you can out-source the work at a competitive price to suit all budgets.

Here at EVOLVED we also can offer advice and marketing strategies to small business, new start-ups with small budgets. So don’t worry, just ask! we’re here to help and looking to build a long-term business relationship.