Practical tips for selecting SEO and digital marketing services

When searching the internet for a digital marketing company that can provide an affordable marketing solution, that will drive more traffic to your website and see a good ROI is a tricky one!

EVOLVED websites come with the on-site SEO completed as standard. What does on-site SEO mean? well, this is simply complying with everything Google looks for when crawling websites. Optimised images, mata tags, meta descriptions, correct URL’s, images named correctly, keywords etc. Its a lot of work however done correctly at the start, saves time, money and gives your website a fighting chance when listed with Google.

Creating backlinks? their are a lot of companies and software out there that offer fast track SEO using bots to create links from various sources back to your website “Backlinks”, DON’T do this its called a “Black Hat” strategy and could cause your website loads of problems and will cost money to fix! Create Backlinks organically through various sources and social media platforms.

Marketing via Social Media and Google is time consuming, so if you haven’t the time or unsure on how to implement a marketing strategy, contact us we can help. EVOLVED websites are setup for marketing and social media integration as standard making your life just that little bit easier. EVOLVED hosting platform is also Super-Fast and secure which all helps with the Google rankings. EVOLVED also work closely with other agencies that can help run your campaigns, so no need for a in-house marketing manager you can out-source the work at a competitive price to suit all budgets.

Here at EVOLVED we also can offer advice and marketing strategies to small business, new start-ups with small budgets. So don’t worry, just ask! we’re here to help and looking to build a long-term business relationship.