Why use cloud base Hotel Booking Software

Why use cloud base Hotel Booking Software? What do hoteliers need to streamline their business? Its simple really, they need a Property Management System with built-in Channel Manager. Even today there are still plenty of hoteliers out there using old school methods of pen & paper or using a dated Property Management System installed of the reception PC! In 2015 a report was conducted by Software Advice and found 25% of accommodation owners were still using pen and paper, with a further 15% using no system at all. We have found in our experience that it usually come down to cost, so how much do you value your free-time? With Sirvoy hotel booking software you're able to run your business smarter and free-up valuable time to ether concentrate on a marketing strategy, customer service or have a coffee with friends.

Having used a variety of Hotel Booking Software in the UK and Asia, Iv found Sirvoy to be the most cost-affective, reliable and user-friendly. It's not the most advanced system so if you have 100 plus rooms it may-not be for your property, however with constant development seen over the years you could run a 100 room plus hotel with Sirvoy Hotel Booking Software.

Why go cloud based? If you are using a dated Property Management System in your PC what happens if the PC crashes or malware corrupts your data? Using Cloud based technology you can access your system remotely in any website browser on your Smartphone, Tablet or Laptop. You could even go for a leisurely walk or coffee with friends and still have access to your business and see all the latest information.

Sirvoy even give a no obligation FREE 14 DAY TRIAL so you can test the system and see how it can work for you. The support Sirvoy also offer is excellent, so any questions you may have they are happy to help.

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